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My third W-inds fanvideo! [24 Aug 2009|11:55pm]

My third W-inds fanvideo. Comments would me nice! Concept? Well this video is show off their hotness and dance skill. ^_^

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w-inds. icons [12 Jun 2009|09:56pm]

yeosh! after seeing all the pretty vmaj photos, i couldn't help but make these. hehehe.. special thanks to trishie/chychaai and also, please kindly credit lovryu/yaplog.jp/miuey if taking any. enjoy!


( more icons over here! )

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Sell digi photo [08 Mar 2009|05:44pm]


sell 100 yen/each photo

if you are interested please come to http://minori-a9.livejournal.com/239124.html
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poll for school [07 Mar 2009|05:28pm]

[ mood | working ]

hey guys!
if it is ok, i want you to do a poll for me. i have to do a school presentation with a friend and we compare japanese music with german music.
please write a comment, where you answer the questions!

hope you have time and help me!

thank you very much!

Collapse )

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w-inds. Seventh Ave. Album and Related!! [14 Nov 2008|11:22pm]

[ mood | high ]

I'm posting old stuff of Seventh Ave. Album and anything related to it (such as: scan, pv, dvd, clip...) in my LJ! So anyone who miss anything, you sure should check it out!! Anyone who already got the album, hopefully there will be somthing interesting, so check it out too!! (^_<)

Go HERE to download and comment!

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w-inds. icons [24 Sep 2008|05:02am]

konnichiwa! it's been awhile since i've made icons but here i am(yet again) with a new batch! so please kindly comment and credit if you're taking any.


( click here to see the rest )

x-posted @ w-inds. comms.
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[DL]w-inds. 1st DVD - Private of w-inds. (Friends only) [06 Jun 2008|07:09pm]

[ mood | blank ]

 Please comment if you take it, ask for my permission first if you want to post it somewhere else!

w-inds. 1st DVD - Private of w-inds.

Go here to download and comment!!!

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w-inds. Ame ato Single and relates!!! [20 May 2008|03:14pm]

I know that almost w-inds. fans must have heard that single already, but I can't help wanting to post it...again. I'll also include some live peformances, cd cover, Ame ato lyrics and the dvd that go with the single. This single is really awsome, ne! Not only the tittle song but these side songs are great too. I can listen to it nonstop, and the fact is I'm still listening to it everynight! And the most impressive thing about this single for me is the "Ame ato lyrics". So sweet, so calm, just like a poem. It give me the image of a girl sitting in a cafe', while she's waiting for her boyfriend to come, she looks at the street after rainning through the white window and the music go on, go on.... Now I can't wait to see their live performance with my own eyes this weekend in our home country!!!! (never look forward to the weekend like that). 

w-inds. Single Ame ato:

Go here to download and comment!
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Keita Tachibana Solo Files [14 May 2008|02:00pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]


Hi, it's been a while. ne!!
I decided that I should do a post dedicated to my favorite member of w-inds. - Kei-chan. Let's enjoy his music, comment if you take any!

Go here to download and comment!

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thx! [03 May 2008|07:08am]

thx for upload all of w-inds. "treasure"! I'm so lucky to join this community, because it's very hard to get w-inds. stuff in here. So once again, thx for sharing this in LJ!
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[Vision Compilation]CHRISTMAS HARMONY Album [20 Apr 2008|03:31pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, me...back!!

 This is w-inds. songs in Vision Compilation album CHRISTMAS HARMONY. These songs are perfrect sweetness. And I also include link download for the whole album 'cause other artist are so great too. Let's check them out!!!

Comment if you take any!


If you are interested in other Vision Compilation albums then check them out @ my FLAME&Lead house

i need you tonight

[DL]w-inds. Discography - Promotion Videos HQ [19 Apr 2008|10:36pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]


Hi evreyone,
It's been a long time ne! Please don't get mad at me! I really wanted to update but my work kept blocking my way!!
So today I have to stop woking a bit for updating (hope my boss wouldn't find out).

And this is the second time I do this so damm long post, 'cause when I had almost finished it the 1st time, it suddenly disappeared! At that moment I just wanted to crack the screen!!!

Go here to download and comment!

i need you tonight

[Vision Compilation] Earth Harmony - World needs love PV & live [08 Apr 2008|01:22pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

About the last post, I have been feeling that I had miss something, and I found out this morning: the clips of World needs love!!! So I make it up right now! (though I know that many of you must have alreay seen it) These clips  bring back many memories. Seeing the so young w-inds. and FLAME makes me kinda happy and a little blue. So miss their old days!!!

Earth Harmony - World needs love PV:

Earth Harmony - World needs love special live @ POPJAM 2002.08.24: 
Intro & live:   

Just the performance:  

Go here to downloadand comment!
i need you tonight

[Vision Compilation] Earth Harmony Single & buddies Album [07 Apr 2008|09:09pm]

[ mood | creative ]

 Today I give you something old but really really good. I am getting to like it more and more after lintening to it again.

Earth Harmony - World needs love Single: 

01  Worlds needs love - w-inds. FLAME Floder 5
02  I'll be there - w-inds.   [i'm addicted to this song]
03  World needs love (hyper fantasista mix)
04  World needs love (Instrumental)

w-inds. FLAME Lead - buddies Album: 

01 NEW PARADISE ~DJ Tatsuya Casette Vision's remix~
02 What Can I Do ~floatin' reflex remix~
03 Paradox ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
04 Fly Away ~Akira's Conquistador remix~
05 Forever Memories ~Sweet Memories remix~
06 Bye My Love ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
07 Show me the way ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
08 Another Days ~The Real Vibe remix~
09 Mune no koudou ~Liga Oriente remix~
10 buddies Mega Mix ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
Go here to download and comment!

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[DL]w-inds. Discography - Album [05 Apr 2008|07:34pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Back to my usual works. After singles list now is the album list. These are 6 album + 2 best tracks album. Hope everybody enjoy the list!!!
Please comment if you take any!

Go here to download and comment!!!

i need you tonight

[DL] w-inds. Ame ato [05 Apr 2008|07:33pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

here is the link to download the PV:

w-inds. - Ame ato PV: 

credit: winstar @ WFF

And we, Vietnamese fans have been received an amazing news : on 24th & 26th May 2008, w-inds. will come to Viet nam for the 35th anniversarry of the relationship of  Vietnam - Japan!!!!! All the fans in Vietnam are going crazy about that news. We're making plans for this wonderful May!!!
After all the long long long waitting, we now have a chance to see w-inds. in person. I, myself still feel dizzy right now!!!!!

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D-LOW in YouTube [28 Mar 2008|12:54am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm trying to see if posting a link is permitted in this community, but I didn't find one (or maybe I just didn't read it carefully). So if I somehow broke the rule, I'm so sorry and please delete my post.

Anyway, I was just browsing around for w-inds. videos in YouTube when I saw a video posted by a user named DANCELOW. It sounded so familiar so I just clicked on the user link. Apparently he's that D-LOW who performed quite often as w-inds. dancer + choreographer. I thought "Ohh.. that is why it sounded so familiar to me..." I'm just wondering if that's his real profile or one of his fans made a profile about him. But it seems kinda real though...

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Wallpaper [27 Mar 2008|02:40pm]

First time making a w-inds. wallpaper, actually.
For resolutions of 1280x800, and images from super lover.

( Here we go! )
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[DL]w-inds. Discography - Single [27 Mar 2008|06:54pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Hi, everyone!
I know that some of their singles must have been post here. But I still want to up their whole discography for those who still leak some and for everybody to get back to sweet memories of w-inds., so here it is.
These are from their debut to the lastest released: 23 single + 1 mix single!
Please comment if you take any!


Go here to download and comment! 

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WELCOME TO W-INDS. CORNER!!!! [25 Mar 2008|10:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

If you are a friend of lonelycookie then you will absolutely welcome here too! I made this LJ to complete wFL world since I really want to expand the love for wFL and of cause share some stuffs too!!

If you are not but you love w-inds. somehow then don't hesitate to come to me cause you will find yourself enjoynable and suprise when you're here with me!

Oh, and here is our w-inds. family forum in Vietnam, please check it out if u're interested (register is easy):

i need you tonight

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