Felicia Alvita (felicia_alvita) wrote in super_lover,
Felicia Alvita

D-LOW in YouTube

I'm trying to see if posting a link is permitted in this community, but I didn't find one (or maybe I just didn't read it carefully). So if I somehow broke the rule, I'm so sorry and please delete my post.

Anyway, I was just browsing around for w-inds. videos in YouTube when I saw a video posted by a user named DANCELOW. It sounded so familiar so I just clicked on the user link. Apparently he's that D-LOW who performed quite often as w-inds. dancer + choreographer. I thought "Ohh.. that is why it sounded so familiar to me..." I'm just wondering if that's his real profile or one of his fans made a profile about him. But it seems kinda real though...
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