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[DL] w-inds. Ame ato

here is the link to download the PV:

w-inds. - Ame ato PV: 

credit: winstar @ WFF

And we, Vietnamese fans have been received an amazing news : on 24th & 26th May 2008, w-inds. will come to Viet nam for the 35th anniversarry of the relationship of  Vietnam - Japan!!!!! All the fans in Vietnam are going crazy about that news. We're making plans for this wonderful May!!!
After all the long long long waitting, we now have a chance to see w-inds. in person. I, myself still feel dizzy right now!!!!!
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oh my, this is great news! they should come here too. ^^

took a copy of the pv. thanks so much!!
hey i want to ask, where can we get ticket to this event in ho chi minh? how much will the ticket cost? is there any online site that we are able to get the ticket at? what time will the event starts and etc?
wahhh cool girls!!*winks winks* Don't forget to take some hot shots yah! <333

thanks for the Pv~grabbing it now. ^___^/

ps:from Malaysia. XD
oh lol i'm super lateeee! the link arent anymore T__T/
THANK YOU mate!!! <333