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[Vision Compilation] Earth Harmony Single & buddies Album

 Today I give you something old but really really good. I am getting to like it more and more after lintening to it again.

Earth Harmony - World needs love Single: 

01  Worlds needs love - w-inds. FLAME Floder 5
02  I'll be there - w-inds.   [i'm addicted to this song]
03  World needs love (hyper fantasista mix)
04  World needs love (Instrumental)

w-inds. FLAME Lead - buddies Album: 

01 NEW PARADISE ~DJ Tatsuya Casette Vision's remix~
02 What Can I Do ~floatin' reflex remix~
03 Paradox ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
04 Fly Away ~Akira's Conquistador remix~
05 Forever Memories ~Sweet Memories remix~
06 Bye My Love ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
07 Show me the way ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
08 Another Days ~The Real Vibe remix~
09 Mune no koudou ~Liga Oriente remix~
10 buddies Mega Mix ~TinyVoice, Production remix~
Go here to download and comment!
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