dancingcarrott (dancingcarrott) wrote in super_lover,

w-inds. Ame ato Single and relates!!!

I know that almost w-inds. fans must have heard that single already, but I can't help wanting to post it...again. I'll also include some live peformances, cd cover, Ame ato lyrics and the dvd that go with the single. This single is really awsome, ne! Not only the tittle song but these side songs are great too. I can listen to it nonstop, and the fact is I'm still listening to it everynight! And the most impressive thing about this single for me is the "Ame ato lyrics". So sweet, so calm, just like a poem. It give me the image of a girl sitting in a cafe', while she's waiting for her boyfriend to come, she looks at the street after rainning through the white window and the music go on, go on.... Now I can't wait to see their live performance with my own eyes this weekend in our home country!!!! (never look forward to the weekend like that). 

w-inds. Single Ame ato:

Go here to download and comment!
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